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Effort to recall why we elected him continues. -5

Three hundred fifty runners take part in Cora Masters Barry-sponsored “Race Against Racism.” Four hundred years of hatred remain in place despite D.C. first lady’s jogged protest. -2

Late D.C. Council Chairman David Clarke’s bicycle is stolen. Police issue APB for tall, dorky thief. -1

Georgetown neighbors complain about college parties. “The pâté wasn’t creamy enough,” says one area socialite. -3

Ghosts, goblins roam city streets Oct. 31. Congress blames D.C. welfare culture. -3

Control board hires Powell Tate PR firm to recast city cops’ reputation. Spinmeisters push new theme for upscale MPD: “We solve no crime before its time.” -2

Back Yard Band singer Genghis Glover is shot in “groin area” at P.G. County nightclub according to Post. Go-go fans expected to continue shaking their “butt areas” upon Glover’s recovery. -3

Subtotal: -19

Shots in the Arm:

MTV stages D.C. casting call for The Real World. Locals suggest Benning Terrace as can’t-miss locale. +3

Radio station WPFW suspends broadcaster Jesse McDade for calling Princess Diana a “slut.” Earl Spencer vows to withdraw $5 pledge he made in station’s last phone-a-thon. +2

Bell Multicultural High School students go to D.C. Courthouse to protest school closings. Upon learning that students are inside a building where work is proceeding, Judge Kaye K. Christian fines herself. +2

Barry to hire consultants to help reform agencies still under his control. Advice: “Stretch before jogging in parks,” “Bring plenty of film to tourist sites,” “Read TV Guide for best shows on cable.” +3

School system to end social promotions. D.C. government to continue anti-social promotions. +4

Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services slashed to four employees. Henceforth, just one employee will cover each major service: malice, surliness, ineptitude, and cronyism. +3

Subtotal: +17