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During my recent stay in Washington I picked up Washington City Paper. The cover attracted my attention because it dealt with one of the classic stories of universal literature: The very rich heiress falls in love with the poor boy, who, in addition, comes from a little town in the remoteness of Argentina’s pampa, with a tragic end with the heiress shooting to death her lover (“The Heiress and the Gaucho,” 10/31).

In second place, I am an Argentine who has lived my entire life in Argentina, and so I am a lot acquainted with the subject of the polo-gauchos.

I found that the article was written in an elegant style, making a vivid depiction of the facts and indicating in the author not only a full knowledge of the characteristics of the “polo country” but also—what is more surprising—an accurate knowledge of some Argentine highlights.

So I took the freedom to write to you to congratulate you and the journalist, Mr. Eddie Dean, for the high-quality article, and I promise to continue picking up your paper, every time I go to the U.S.


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