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Say, look at this! Right next to the man’s “before” bald head, an article about the Replacements (Music, 11/7). How genuinely pleasing.

How unexpected. But what’s this? This line here, about midway through? Read it again. “Pleased to Meet Me, though a favorite of the cult, is the band’s weakest moment.” How shockingly fucked! How wrong! This writer, who says he once sputtered “You’re a great writer,” at Paul Westerberg, finds lines like, “Jesus rides beside me/He never buys any smokes” on “Can’t Hardly Wait,” weak? He finds “One foot in the door/the other one in the gutter/

sweet smell that they adore/well I think I’d rather smother” weak? Doesn’t he see that although this is not “Gary’s Got a Boner,” that’s not so bad? Ahh. Never mind.

Mount Pleasant

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