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Although there are often instances in the District where businesses may discriminate against people whose ethnic backgrounds or neighborhoods of choice are not to their liking, I must disagree with Wayne James’ claims of check redlining based on the racial makeup of his neighborhood (“Hassle-full Checking,” 11/14). I live at 23rd and California Streets NW in one of the city’s wealthiest (and whitest) neighborhoods. My neighbors include university officials, ambassadors, and D.C. socialites. Do I get to pay for my Domino’s Pizza with a check? Absolutely not. I am white, professional, and make a pretty decent salary. Is Domino’s targeting me as well? I don’t think so. When I get the craving for pizza, I make sure that my Visa balance has enough room for some slices of heaven. It’s something I deal with. I ask all District residents to please, please, get over the lawsuits and save us your pitiful tales of discrimination based on a check-writing policy. Aren’t there better things to worry about?

Kalorama Heights

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