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(re: “Love Knows Color,” 11/21):

I could write a poem

about the guns

sometimes aimed

at interracial couples

by black and white snipers—

(hmmm. some of whom are

on your staff)

so let me try:

(by the way, i’m

a black guy)

white folks who

look at you like a science project—

black women who stare

the way hitler would stare

at a plate of gefilte fish.

the salesclerk (black) who asked

my companion

“is that man bothering you?”

when i touched her hair.

folks who think your life

is a brotherhood week poster,

folks who liked me better

when i was married to

a black woman—

(you dont have to be

happy in washington,

things just have to look “right”)

the “brother” who called

me o.j.

on “the new u” street.

who say black and white

dont see i to i?

in a world in which these gales

(among others)

rattle one’s shutters,

thank god for someone to


Dupont Circle

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