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Re: the stories on interracial dating, etc., by Bass, Coates, Hopkinson, Rouse, and Royston (“Love Knows Color,” 11/21).

Excellent! Well, actually, very good.

The pieces were good because they were so honest. I would give you an A+ grade, but I thought you missed a chance to convey to the public the historical memory/consciousness of the cultural war that exists the strongest between black and white as a result of the aggression of white supremacy. America needs to remember those first 400-plus years of slavery and the 600-plus years of European colonialism. Let’s not forget the 80-percent annihilation of the Native American people by Europeans. But overall the stories discussed some unique and real issues. Many times I was laughing at the honesty of your writers, e.g., “After the movie, they went to a Days Inn, and Eric “fucked the shit out of her…”

North Capitol