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Just when I thought I’d read everything….Where did you guys/gals come from? Please tell me where it is written and by whose decree that people of different races cannot love one another (“Love Knows Color,” 11/21)! Oh, I’m sorry—no one actually mentioned “love,” did they? I mean, I understand everyone has his/her own tastes in people, but to suggest that dating across racial lines is wrong or not as God planned is not only ludicrous but downright stupid. I find it difficult to believe that after all we have been through on this planet we still find so many people who can do little else but look for more reasons for us to alienate ourselves.

I’m a black guy, or so I’m told. Though I’ve only had relationships with black women, I’m well aware that there are many, many beautiful and interesting women out there who are not black. For anyone to expect me to ignore my heart if it leads me to one of these “other” women is, again, downright stupid! And, by the way, I am single and have yet to see the supposed countless “sisters” lining up to catch me. Worried about me going to the other side? Then where the hell are you?

I know in my heart that the color of a person’s skin doesn’t matter in a negative way. Of course it matters to some extent, but I find all those differences to be very exciting. I compare the importance of a woman’s skin color to the importance of the size and shape of her ass: important, yes, but not something I choose to base a relationship upon. And please, if ever I’m seen with a white woman, please grit your teeth and throw all the puerile tantrums you desire.

I couldn’t care less! As far as I’m concerned, any man who listens to “society” or family or friends rather than his own heart is not a man, anyway. Just who are the idiots who wrote those articles? Who ever told them being a man or woman was easy? Perhaps this ethnic thing is a test for all of us. I wonder who’s passing and who’s not.

By the way: If dating within one’s race is so right, then why do so many of these relationships also end up on the rocks? And since when are all black people who meet at Crazy Horse looking for anything beyond the bedroom? Give me a fucking break! The truth is, lots of folks, black, white and otherwise are interested in forbidden fruit. There just aren’t many who have the balls to take a look. Who knows: For every person who finds himself in an unhappy relationship, there may be someone not “of their race” who can’t wait to meet them.

I’ll close with this—perhaps it will help the relative few who may presume to interrupt the lives of the interracial couples with nasty comments, teeth-gritting, etc.: I am alone now and am very happily spending as much time as I can with my sons. If my heart should lead me to a black woman, great! If I should find someone who is not black, fine! As long as we are happy, we’ll work through the slings and arrows of a cowardly society. In other words, if you can’t handle someone’s choices, leave them alone and tend to yours. And as far as my choices are concerned, no one seems to be interested in how I live my wonderful life now, so if you see me with a nonblack woman, I suggest you sit back, take it easy, keep your slurs to yourself, or simply kiss my ass! After all, it has been a long time!

Colton Point, Md.

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