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While I did enjoy seeing the Scott Thompson blurb (City Lights, 11/14), I was somewhat dismayed (OK, really pissed off) about Dave Nuttycombe’s complete refusal to acknowledge the Kids’ Canadian roots. While the show may have been broadcast stateside by “NBC/CBS/HBO,” it was first and foremost a CBC production. Hence, to refer to it strictly through its Yank distributors denies the Kids a place within an entire lineage of Canadian improv/comedy troupes (including SCTV, among others).

Its easy enough to dismiss a buffoon like Howard Stern when inflammatory anti-Canadian remarks are made. However, omitting or distorting facts, no matter how trivial, is just as reckless. When will you Yanks get it through your skulls that the U.S. is not the center of the world?

College Park, Md.

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