Anglo-suburban rockers aren’t the only ones now embracing the speedy, skipping rhythms of ska. On their self-titled ’96 release, New York-based Venezuelans King Changó trill, bellow, and rap in Spanish and English. However, like many groups associated with the growing rock en español movement, this eight-member combo doesn’t limit itself to one format. While a number of cuts emphasize a Latinized take on 2-Tone-era ska’s pop-soul choruses and accelerated verses, others vary the tempo with Clashlike reggae or horn-driven dance beats. Changó translates as “waggish,” so no matter how serious the lyrics, or which genre is used, the exuberant performances invariably embody one motivating characteristic. With Wake and Eclipse at 9 p.m. at Phantasmagoria, 11319 Elkin St., Wheaton. $12. (301) 949-8886. (Steve Kiviat)