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Well, congratulations: “Porn Yesterday” (12/5) was the best marketing piece I’ve ever seen a paper produce for a local business. You made Phillip Guye out to be a kind of porno messiah—a brilliant and somehow innocent young entrepreneur who “cares very deeply for the women whose fantasy service he pimps.” As if that weren’t touching enough, you had to add some pathos to the scene, insisting that we feel sorry for this “thoroughly mixed up young man.”

Of course, the best favor you did for this fellow was to promote the image of alleged ménage à trois at the core of his business, complete with suggestive photos. For a business that makes all its money off sexual fantasy, there can be no better free advertising.

Speaking of advertising, your readers deserve to know whether this company, Limo-Grams, does in fact advertise in Washington City Paper and whether that in any way affected your coverage of this story. Your paper would never refrain from trashing the Post or Times for doing a puff piece on one of their favorite companies, so I hope you have the integrity to hold yourselves to the same journalistic standard.

Arlington, Va.

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