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I am writing in response to Jake Tapper’s article on Phil Guye (“Porn Yesterday,” 12/5). People like Phil Guye make me want to commit suicide so that I no longer have to share the human race with them.

First of all, let’s clarify something: What Phil Guye is doing is not “adult entertainment”; it is male adult entertainment (and swindling). What he does, as does 95 percent of the pornographic industry, is not marketed for women at all. Yes, I’ve heard the “well, some women like it, too” argument. Give me a break.

What the hell is a stripper-cum-sex-kitten?

I can’t believe that this guy has the nerve to say he respects women and that he wants their respect more than anything. He sure has a funny way of expressing that “respect.” I’ve never heard of a man showing a woman respect by treating her as a sex tool. He certainly doesn’t have this woman’s respect, nor any of my women friends’. If I ever met him, I’d spit in his face.

Tammy and Shiloh give lesbians a bad name. I have lesbian friends who would consider their behavior a breach of sisterhood. I do as well, just as another woman, because participating in an industry that is inherently degrading to women works against the advancement of every other woman’s equality and dignity. I thought the tacky pictures of them in their towels while he’s fully dressed were beyond offensive.

I literally started to cry when I read that these women allow men to penetrate them with toys at bachelor parties. What kind of man would do that? Especially the day before his wedding? I for one would never marry a guy who finds that to be entertaining or funny or whatever. It’s a disgrace! (I can’t believe the women allow that to happen, either. Studies show that many women involved in this business are re-enacting sexual abuse during childhood. They need to get help or at least go read a book by Naomi Wolf.) I’ve been lucky enough to have male friends who are more enlightened than to be willing to participate in such cheesy events. It also bothers me to see men being so stupidly ripped off of money that could be far better spent. Many of them are married! Why not develop a positive relationship with your wife so that you find her fulfilling? I’d love to know when men will realize they’re being duped (or, as the author puts it, being made into “flabby buffoons”). They pay just to get frustrated—is it worth what they get out of it?

I found it incredibly irresponsible for Washington City Paper to advertise Guye’s wares and especially to include his web site. Though the author began by saying that “Dr. Phil” is not someone to emulate, he continues to give him free advertising for eight more pages. I am getting very tired of people pushing the limits of free speech. It’s getting really old! The tenet of freedom of expression is not that anyone can say whatever the hell they want—it is based on responsibility for how that speech may harm others. I am extremely disappointed that City Paper decided to promote this creep’s work.

Beth Fiteni, age 26

Rockville, Md.