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I thought Brett Anderson was one of the best critics on the staff; he saved me the trouble of finding decent and, more importantly, cheap places to eat. What the fuck happened to him?

I enjoyed the quarterly City Books section as well (12/5), in particular the two pieces about the new books published by the fine men and woman at the Baffler. The writers gave fair reviews to this relatively well-kept secret of a magazine. The Baffler people certainly do pound their views into your head much as a hammer would, but they write so well and with such humor that who really cares?

Some of the criticisms pointed at Washington City Paper can be seen in the same context. So many of the letter writers to City Paper seem to question the utility of your pieces for society as a whole, or the lack of journalistic ethics (????) practiced by your writers. Despite the occasional crappy article, I rather enjoy reading things that do not put me to sleep.

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