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I just finished reading “Thug Life” (12/12). As a season-ticket holder of the Icebreakers, I was very happy to see some front-page publicity on them. I feel, however, you made a few too many assumptions about the fans. We are not all a bunch of blue-collar workers who show up to drink beer and watch the players fight. I’m a 26-year-old computer analyst from Northern Virginia who just loves the sport. I can not afford season tickets to see the Caps play, so I attend ECHL hockey games as an affordable alternative. Last year I traveled to Norfolk, Va., to watch the Hampton Roads Admirals (ECHL) play eight games, so this year I was very excited to get an ECHL team closer to home.

I also feel you should have mentioned the fact that the Icebreakers’ tickets are much more affordable than Caps tickets. Let middle-class families know they can go see a pro sporting event without having to spend a few hundred bucks on tickets. I don’t know if you’re even a hockey fan, but you never say in your article whether you had fun or not. That is the reason I go to these games. I have a good time. I know the players are not of the same caliber as the NHL players, but that’s why they are in the ECHL.

Also, it would have been nice if you had let the readers know where to contact for ticket information and a listing of their web page address (www.icebreakershockey.com). I also find it humorous that you wrote an article based on hockey fights without mentioning the best thug on the team. Mathieu Raby leads the team in PIM and throws one hell of a punch.

Hey Sean, were you ever beaten up by hockey players when you were a kid?

McLean, Va.

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