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As one of the people interviewed for your story “Thug Life” (12/12), I was disappointed with the dark and negative tone of the article. I feel Sean Daly portrayed minor-league hockey, and the Chesapeake Icebreakers in particular, as a bunch of morons and do-nothings, without acknowledging the fact that in minor-league hockey some people are climbing up the ladder, some are slipping down the ladder, and some are just hanging on, much like at your minor-league paper.When I was interviewed by Daly, I was led to believe that his portrayal of the organization would be impartial and evenhanded rather than the bleak and brutish feature that was the result.

I read your article “Porn Yesterday” (12/5), and while I found it well written, it seems strange that you can treat something as questionable as pornography in a neutral fashion and then turn around and take a legitimate sports and entertainment venture and play it as Satan’s next-door neighbor named Jed Clampett.

This franchise has a good foundation, from the management and players to the maintenance staff. Give us a chance.

Laurel, Md.

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