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Stephanie Mencimer’s ode to chain stores in the “Kick the Habit” series (“Mom and Flop,” 12/26/97) demands a response:

Not being a coffee drinker, I can’t relate to caffeine withdrawal or whatever it is that has addled Mencimer’s brain, but her paean to chain stores shows she needs help.

First, she’s wrong on some facts. Here’s one: The Midtown Pharmacy was not full of overpriced stuff, and it was forced out in part because a CVS opened a block away…and then promptly closed shortly after the Midtown Pharmacy closed.

Second, she’s lost on her logic. How does CVS moving into the Biograph and MacArthur movie houses help bring CVS to Anacostia?

Finally, if she doesn’t like her neighborhood coffee place, why doesn’t she just make her own before she leaves in the morning?

Maybe a change of scene for her in 1998: Seattle, where she can have all the Starbucks she wants, or Orlando, where she’ll be surrounded by all the “comforting…sterile efficiency offered by the chain store” that her apparently plastic heart desires.

Adams Morgan

via the Internet