“Five years ago, my husband, Allan, was bidding for a television franchise in the south of England.” So says Tracey Ullman’s book, Tracey Takes On, which is based on her HBO series, Tracy Takes On, which was based on a special she did for the television franchise that her husband, Allan, did in fact win. Not that Ms. Ullman needs a rich, connected husband to find her work. Even when the wardrobe and makeup threaten to overtake her—as in the odd Asian doughnut-shop lady, Mrs. Noh Nang Ning, and the indeterminate cabbie, Chic—Ullman holds her own, plumbing the absolute pit of eccentricity. Her book is as colorfully eccentric as the show, and nearly multimedia, with paper dolls of all her favorite weirdos. Tracey takes on all autograph seekers at 6 p.m. at Super Crown, 11 Dupont Circle NW. FREE. (202) 319-1374. (DN)