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Sheez! Could you have ripped more into Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans and his family in the “Camera-Ready” piece (1/9)? Why was it necessary to make up cute mayoral campaign slogans based on the Evans’ hokey Christmas-card picture. Trying to fill space? Or are you just malicious?

So what if, as you say, Evans is a politician’s politician? So what if he “insinuates himself” in every debate in town? So what if he happens to be a real big jerk, to boot? Why does Washington City Paper go after his blond-haired wife, his three towheaded children, and his dog?! If a black councilmember with mayoral aspirations sent you a goofy Christmas card, would you comment at all about the color of his or her kid’s hair? I doubt it.

Your lack of professionalism

disgusts me.

Capitol Hill

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