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Damn—knock the good ones down, too, eh? (“Camera-Ready,” 1/9.) Your commentary on Jack Evans’ holiday photo, although humorous, misses the mark. Are we now at the point of attacking elected officials for attending community meetings, being visible on the issues, and being responsive to constituents’ needs?

Why not back the people who are serving the city, not only serving themselves? Jack’s office has always been responsive, not just recently. I’m not calling for lack of humor or cutting him to the quick when needed, but for God’s sake, the man is doing his job—glad to see someone in D.C. government is!

My only worry about Jack’s run for mayor is that he’ll win and I’ll get another typical councilmember who could give a rat’s ass—and there are plenty of them in D.C.—for his or her constituents and quality of life in the District.

Logan Circle/Shaw

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