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When we bought MacArthur Drug three years ago, we bought a well-established, respected business (“Mom and Flop,” 12/26/97). What we have three years later has a much deeper meaning to us than that of just a business, and we would like to try to explain it to you.

Stephanie, picture your grandmother on a cold winter day having just run out of her medication. Would the local chain deliver her medicine (along with a lasagna pan from Safeway and maybe a few stamps so that she can mail some letters)? To so many of our elderly customers we are the only friendly voices they may speak to that morning, and we recognize that and spend a few extra minutes with them. And our delivery man, Alex—he may be the only person to grace their doorstep that day, and it is so important to have a friendly, familiar face. Do you understand the importance of that? Because we do. Yes, you may not have the anonymity you might desire when as a teenager you are purchasing a personal product, but to have the audacity to insinuate that our pharmacist-owner is not discreet is unconscionable.

Your mention about our tampon aisle having only large sizes could not be further from the truth. Had you even walked down the aisle you would have seen a selection that is considered to contain the most popular brands. But we also get deliveries every day from two major wholesalers and are happy to place special orders for you and to even stock particular products if you want. Try asking that of your local chain. Stephanie, if you run out of your house one morning for those tampons without your wallet, we may trust you to come back later with the cash, realizing that sometimes everyone has extenuating circumstances. Try that at your local chain store. And while we are on the subject of tampons, you mention that our prices are higher than the local chain store. But did you mention some of the products for which we are cheaper, such as the one medication you asked us about? My guess is that if you complied a list of 100 items and ran a comparison you would find us very competitive. But you didn’t do that, did you?

While your hemorrhoids may be an embarrassment, aren’t you better off being able to ask someone knowledgeable about your condition rather than choosing something that may or may not be good for you? Between mom and pop, we have close to 40 years’ experience in our fields. You see, Stephanie, Mom is a nurse and Pop is a pharmacist, and not only can we help you but we also won’t embarrass you. Try getting that kind of experienced and professional help at your local chain store.

Our shelves may have a speck or two of dust, as you mentioned. But we would rather have our valuable employees tending to our customers than to the shelves. Sure, the new local chain is beautiful. What brand-new store isn’t? But isn’t it a shame that you missed the beauty of MacArthur Drug? You may not see it when racing through doing an article with a foregone conclusion in mind, but ask any one of our customers where the real beauty of MacArthur Drug lies. And Stephanie, listen to your mom and pop; you may just learn something.

MacArthur Care Drugs