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I’m Not Following You, the latest solo album by former Orange Juice leader Edwyn Collins, hasn’t produced a surprise U.S. Top 40 hit like 1995’s “A Girl Like You.” It does, however, carry on much of the mission of its predecessor, Gorgeous George, particularly the expression of Collins’ distrust of the mainstream rock machine. Draped in the Motown beat, the textbook distorted lead-guitar lines of “Girl” clone “Keep on Burning” are slaps at both Britpop and grunge, although Collins seems most offended by the flag-waving of the former. The flights of fancy here never go quite as wiggy as on such earlier Collins high points as “Consolation Prize” (an early OJ track in which he vowed to wear a dress to catch the eye of his unrequited crush). But there’s little to complain about when faced with the hilarious Mark E. Smith-meets-Jordache commercial impression of “Seventies Night,” which only gets funnier when you discover that the voice really is Smith’s, “Adidas World,” another blast at the big bad commercial monster, and the self-explanatory “Magic Piper (of Love).” Collins is hardly cynical, promising a trip “back to my [soulboy] roots” over the burbling Hot Chocolate-style groove of “Running Away With Myself” and stoically pondering the decay of the old ways in “Country Rock.” It’s heartening that, even with his recent global success, Collins refuses to rely on his mastery of production and melody alone to make intriguing records.—Rickey Wright