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I couldn’t wait any longer to ask the question that has been gnawing at me like a hunger pang for what seems like months: Where are the restaurant reviews? Where is Brett Anderson? As an avid Washington City Paper reader and equally avid restaurant patron, I want you to know I am suffering in the absence of Young & Hungry. Without recommendations for new restaurants, I may just be the next victim to sink down the continuum of cuisine into a diet solely made up of wraps.

Let’s face it: Washington’s restaurant scene has never exactly rivaled in quality what it offers in quantity. This is why periodic advice from a critic is so necessary. Before Young & Hungry disappeared into the files of old black-and-white editions of the City Paper, I could count on a few new and interesting, if not excellent, restaurant choices to surface each month. Did Anderson run out of decent restaurants in Washington to write up? Is this some ploy to get us all to stop eating out and lose some weight? Worse yet, did a focus group indicate that eliminating Young & Hungry would be an acceptable cost-cutting measure for the newspaper?

Dupont Circle

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Editor replies: Brett Anderson has gone on to other pursuits, but restaurant coverage will resume in the next few months.