Critics rushed to heap praise on Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Boogie Nights for “daring” to take on such a “raw” subject. Ack! It was a Hollywood feel-good movie with less nudity than MTV News. For truly raw cinema, see Of Flesh and Blood, Jeff Mentges’ 1990 version of the same story. The black-and-white 16mm no-budget feature presents the dark side of Anderson’s we-are-family fantasy. The work of a committed wiseguy, Flesh brings together a host of local scenesters and can be laughed at and with, often simultaneously. Time-Life musicologist Joe Sasfy is so brilliant in his cameo that he should quit repackaging pop and head for the coast. But it is Al Breon’s performance as the afflicted porn star that lends the film a dignity it probably doesn’t deserve. See it with someone you love. At 8 p.m. at Lucky Bar, 1221 Connecticut Ave. NW. $2. (202) 331-3733. (Dave Nuttycombe)