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For all of you who complain that you can’t get into the District’s most exclusive hipster nightclub, the owners of the Eighteenth Street Lounge have done you a favor; now that they’ve made public The Soundtrack, you can invite all your foxy friends over and jump up your very own boogie in the privacy of your home. Grab a Black Label, bolster your courage with the bossa nova sounds of Isabelle Antena’s “Antena,” and shimmy on up to that hot little number you’ve been eyeing. Start doing the funky chicken to Natural 7’s “Secret of Natural 7,” and watch all the honeys come dripping off the walls just to get next to your bad, bad moves. (And that’s “bad” as in “good,” dig?) Nod ya head to Nightmares on Wax’s “Stars” as you chill out on your ratty futon, smoking a giant blunt that would make half of the Washington Wizards jealous. Now, with your mind in the clouds, leap up and rank full stop to the jazzy jungle of Cool Blue’s “Aqua Blu,” then let your body slowly segue into the space dub of Waldeck’s “Aquarius” and “One” by the ESL house band, Thievery Corporation. Then wave goodnight to all the pretties you’ve left wanting, and tell them to show up the same time next week and maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally get a piece of you.

—Christopher Porter