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The soundtrack to Scream 2 is like the movie itself: part good, part shlocky, and part terrible. Plus, it dispenses with most of its black characters right upfront, knocking off Master P’s “Scream” and D’Angelo’s Prince-penned funk-metal-fusion marathon “She’s Always in My Hair” within the first four tracks. The disc even features a preposterous ending, in the form of a song by David Arquette’s band. The high point of the collection, strangely, is Collective Soul’s ballad “She Said,” which features strings at least as tasteful as R.E.M.’s. (I’m embarrassed to admit that Collective Soul, one of the most generic alternagroups of the age, has now put out enough catchy and/or pretty singles that if it released a greatest-hits album I’d buy it.) Everclear contributes a worthy, rousing tune, “The Swing,” which was presumably held off So Much for the Afterglow because it sounds too much like the rest of the album. Also decent are Foo Fighters’ gentle “Dear Lover” and Sugar Ray’s “Rivers,” which seems to derive its name from its remarkable resemblance to Weezer. Unfortunately, Scream 2’s producers, in their zeal to market the disc to the widest possible audience, have included a track by the insufferable Dave Matthews (although “Help Myself” is one of his less infuriating efforts), while Less Than Jake’s high-speed run-through of “I Think I Love You” is only slightly less embarrassing than Jerry O’Connell’s dining-hall rendition of the tune in the movie.

—James Lochart