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I loved the article on Monica Lewinsky (“I Dated Monica Lewinsky,” 1/30). Jake Tapper finally humanized her and brought some humor to the situation. However, I have a problem with the way Tapper, and most others who write about Lewinsky, describe her as “chubby” or overweight. Tapper was relieved that Monica was not a “salad picker” but apparently was not pleased about the effect that a healthy and normal appetite can have on the female body. From the photos I have seen of Lewinsky, she is a beautiful, eating disorder-free young woman. She is not a toothpick with cantaloupelike breasts protruding unnaturally from her body, and thank goodness for that. Monica, from one 24-year-old woman to another, you look great. Ignore these people, if you can.

Falls Church, Va.

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