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Jake Tapper’s cover story (“I Dated Monica Lewinsky,” 1/30) made me roll over in my erstwhile intern-persona’s grave. Although I certainly won’t be as memorable (or as profitable) to Tapper as Ms. Lewinsky, my short tenure as an intern in Jake’s old office promptly turned me into one of his self-described “jaded and long-gone” kids in 1994. I take issue not with Tapper’s storytelling ability but with his unending use of loaded, sexist, and blatantly bigoted descriptions of Monica Lewinsky.

The article exemplifies this male-dominated town’s attempt at making young D.C. gals into either whores or helpless freaks just looking for our next (blow)job in our desperate attempts at “climbing” the rungs of power in D.C. Our endless streams of “no-frills hookups” seem to get in the way of the “salad-picking” habits we acquire to reduce our “chubby” physiques. Fortunately, we are “nice and sweet” enough to counteract our one-dimensional dinner conversation—and thank goodness some of us can be “pleasant without being overbearing” for Tapper’s viewing pleasure.

Monica Lewinsky doesn’t need Tapper’s pity. His article reduces her to an eager little girl, willing to please anyone in the office, Oval or otherwise. Thanks to journalism like this, Monica Lewinsky’s genuine happiness will surely never return. The “whoring” of this “chick” sure gave him his “piece of the story,” and, perhaps to his chagrin, not a piece of her ass. Unfortunately, Jake Tapper won’t ever feel as “unclean” as Monica Lewinsky will feel for the rest of her life. A “toweringly average Washingtonian,” indeed.

Arlington, Va.

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