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Sitting over my morning coffee the Saturday after the Clinton scandal broke, I turned with ironic relief to Washington City Paper’s cover story (“Missing the Bus,” 1/23) for a break in the scandal saturation. Ah…nothing like a juicy story on D.C. management problems to divert me! Having used the District’s bus system for 10 years and experienced its decline, I appreciated Amanda Ripley’s presentation of crucial facts surrounding the dangerous erosion of our national capital’s public transportation. Like many of my twentysomething friends without cars, my transportation is bus or walk, so each workday at the height of rush hour I endure the fallout of pernicious bus management as I await overflowing, rickety buses that either don’t arrive for ages or come like bananas—in bunches. Once again, cities such as New York better ours. Comparisons aside, the bus system’s waning number of routes, dirty seats, and poorly maintained vehicles are serious detriments to its users. Furthermore, I fear privatization would thrust the system into a disastrous parallel to that of the city’s cab system. Bus riders deserve organization, not Balkanization.

Glover Park