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I enjoyed “Missing the Bus” (1/23). Twenty-six years ago, when I came to D.C., I got around town by bus. I was surprised at the pleasantness and helpfulness of 95 percent of the drivers, and although I haven’t met R.L. Simons, I know his type—a type we need more of in public-related jobs. Being greeted at 7 a.m. by a bus driver means something to people. I could tell the regulars, but the drivers were usually nice to everyone.

If these drivers do get $20 an hour, they deserve it and more when one considers the heavy traffic, rude drivers, and schedules they try to meet on a daily basis.

I believe it’s a mistake to cut the number of buses. That will mean more cars on the streets (and Beltway), creating more congestion. Don’t we have more than enough of that now?

Takoma Park, Md.