“Missing the Bus” (1/23) was a wonderful article. It’s rare that journalists show so much understanding of the complexities of urban transportation.

For future reference, however, a “gadfly” is not a nice thing to call someone. A gadfly is someone who enjoys annoying others. I assure you I get no such pleasure and would infinitely prefer that folks agreed with me. It is also a patronizing term that is best avoided except when you wish to annoy the person you are describing. At which point, of course, you become the gadfly.

If you must use a bovine analogy, “maverick” is much better. A gadfly is literally a small fly that buzzes around cattle for no known purpose or else rests contentedly on piles of shit, something I have never done. On the other hand, I have been known to wander from the herd, which is what a maverick does.

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