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I read with interest Dave McKenna’s column titled “A Matter of Principal” (Cheap Seats, 1/23). I am a

1983 graduate of, and former swimming and diving coach at, Richard Montgomery High School (RMHS) in Rockville.

As a former coach, I know the

difficulty of verifying the compliance of 70 student athletes with the myriad of regulations and paperwork submissions required by the county. It is easy to understand how a few things might slip through the cracks. I was heartened to hear that RMHS has since lifted the suspensions of the student athletes involved in the controversy.

I must point out a few factual errors in the column regarding RMHS’s football prowess since the 1960s. Not to diminish the excellent performance of the 1997 Rocket football team, but including the performance of the football teams of the early 1980s in what is described as “a long drought” is not only unfair but inaccurate.

Though I mostly rode the bench, I am proud to have played on the Rockets’ 1981 Maryland state championship team (record: 12-2) and the 1982 Montgomery County co-championship team (record: 10-2). Coach Lee Maust, who is quoted in the article, was an assistant coach on those teams. The teams produced several scholarship players as well as many great memories for the players, coaches,

students, and parents of the Richard Montgomery community.

Springfield, Va.

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