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A member of my family recently sent me a copy of “Camera-Ready” (1/9). As a former longtime resident of D.C. and the suburbs, I used to read your publication regularly.

I have known Noel Soderberg (now Evans) for more than 10 years. Each year, Noel sends a photo Christmas card. It is an extension of the traditional photo card sent out by her family each year. The year she and Jack got married, they sent out their wedding portrait to friends around the country.

Your article accompanying the picture is so wrong, so far from the mark. Yes, Jack is a politician. But he and Noel are also human beings, and very proud parents. Not a “trophy family” as you call them. Just a family where the parents choose to live in the city and attempt to make it a better place. Our family left the D.C. area for a change in our quality of life. Noel and Jack and many young families could easily do that as well. Good thing for D.C. that Noel and Jack have stayed.

Minnetonka, Minn.

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