The Mail of Jan. 23 contained Bob Roehr’s favorable experience with the D.C. government, where he compliments “The Department of Public Works Works” (12/26/97). I take exception to Roehr’s compliment. The ease at which he renewed his driver’s licenses is an indication of recklessness, not efficiency.

My experience at the Driver’s License bureau was similar to Roehr’s: I also “breezed through” the procedure, and herein lies a serious fault. I’m in my 60s, and three years ago I was required to take a written test for an interstate transfer of my then-expired license. I require bifocal eyeglasses for driving, but not having these, I elected to “test the waters” without the glasses, and so, perhaps, flunk the test.

Instead of flunking, I passed with flying colors, sight notwithstanding. One of my assets was that I was fluent in English. But sign recognition, driving agility, and sobriety know no language and apparently were not on the agenda for this critical measure of releasing a person onto the streets in control of a 3,000-pound motor vehicle.

I grabbed my new license and

ran, knowing that there were many other noncompetent drivers in my midst. Such comfort—the D.C.

government at its best!

Capitol Hill