Its song list makes Bigmouth look like one of those high-concept cover bands, but guess what? “Nemesis” is not the Shriekback song, “These Are the Days” is neither the Van Morrison song nor the almost identically named 10,000 Maniacs hit, “Aeroplane” hasn’t been recorded by Björk, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or the Psychedelic Furs, “Little by Little” hasn’t been drawn from the repertoire of the Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, or Guy Lombardo, “Better Man” is earning no royalties for Pearl Jam, “The Circus” can’t be found on any Erasure album, and “I” won’t be treasured by Kiss, Dada, Bad Brains, or Pizzicato Five completists. (If we want to trot out the song’s subtitle, “I (Don’t Believe)” is similarly unrelated to songs recorded by Bobby “Blue” Bland, Stabbing Westward, the Paladins, Billie Ray Martin, and Doug Sahm.) And “Bury You” wasn’t written by Julie A. Niedziejko. (What, you don’t remember the author of “Looking for Dick,” “Famous Bitch,” and “Onions and Warzones”?) True, the poor man’s Spacehog (or something—don’t make me listen to it again) has penned the apparently uniquely titled “Easily Loaded” and “Lullaby of Indifference,” but the lines I keep coming back to (“Killing Me”‘s “Nerves are at the end of their tether/From walking on too familiar ground”) owe nothing to Millie Jackson or Waylon Jennings.—Glenn Dixon

Bigmouth played Feb. 6 at the Metro Cafe.