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Tom Stabile’s article “No Right Answer” (2/6) showed the absolute mess that the D.C. public school system faces. Every reason that was stated for the poor test scores was one of the main causes for that poor demonstration of D.C. public schools at work. however, one of the most important reasons, the one about the students, was discussed the least. The only way to get these students’ scores up is to get them to want to learn. This must be shown to them in a way that appeals to them.

As a student myself, I see kids daily who go to school and come back with no books. How can students learn effectively without taking their books home and studying? How do they do their homework? Apparently, these kids don’t care about their work. Another reason for the bad marks is that many of these students go to school only when they want to. While these kids aren’t in school, many of them are doing things that get them into trouble. By doing this, they aren’t learning the things that they need to know to become successful in society. So, by not being in school, they are hurting themselves in more ways than they realize. These students must be strongly encouraged by their parents and their teachers/counselors. They need to get focused on their schoolwork and also realize that by learning or choosing not to learn they aren’t just hurting or benefiting only themselves, they are also hurting or benefiting the society.

Stanton Park