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The following is a response to “Rubbing Out Nine Lives” (2/13):

I find it amazing that Lee May and other Washington Humane Society (WHS) volunteers fail to see the irresponsibility of bringing additional feline lives into a world where thousands of companion animals are euthanized every year in this city alone. They blame shelter director Pam Chapman for euthanizing one cat, but want to add another litter to the overpopulation problem. The villain in this situation is not Pam Chapman or WHS. The villains in this situation are those who indiscriminately breed animals and those who abandon their pets to the streets or to the shelter. As you reported, the D.C. Animal Shelter, operated by WHS, gets an average of 12,000 animals every year. The vast majority of these animals are unwanted. While May spends much time criticizing, she fails to offer any real solutions. It’s easy to look at one cat and want to save her. Pam Chapman and her colleagues have to weigh the welfare of all 12,000 animals who arrive on their doorstep. Euthanasia is a horrible reality, but I am grateful that someone as compassionate toward animals as Pam Chapman is making those decisions.

WHS volunteer