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Peter Eldridge, in his letter about “Missing the Bus” (1/23, The Mail, 1/30), mentioned the need to restructure the bus network. When David Gunn was in charge of New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, he restructured its bus system so that its routes were simpler and route numbers corresponded to the streets on which the buses operate. For example, the M34 runs along Manhattan’s 34th Street. When he became general manager of Metro, he proposed simplifying the downtown route structure and giving the routes more descriptive designations. For example, he proposed replacing the 30 series buses with a new PA line. “Advocates” for the poor and Hispanics objected on the grounds that their clients would be unable to adjust to the changes. These advocates apparently assumed that their clients were very stupid. More likely, they just did not want to bother with helping clients learn the new routes.

Oakton, Va.

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