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Jake Tapper is right on the mark when he laughs at Washingtonians’ ability to take ordinary tea and glamorize it as chai (“Bye Bye Miss American Chai,” 1/23). Of course, the public has always known that chai is really tea, but in our own vain way we always wanted to hear it marketed as chai. This is because when we are in our cubicles supposedly working, it is much more fashionable to say we are going out for a cup of chai than tea. It is that Starbuck’s mentality that has taken over Washington; that is, we can’t have just a cup of coffee anymore, we have to have a triple hazelnut decaf espresso with whipped cream.

This is one of the reasons that I have given the nation’s capital the honorary title, as I’m sure most of us have, as Washingtoon, D.C. If you want to get anything done here, you’ve got to put a spin on it. It is especially helpful if you use some foreign word that can really be slapped around and make us seem smarter than we actually are. Since it is very early, I am going to have some toasted mkate with butter on it and toast Jake Tapper for writing articles that I really don’t have any need to stop and think about.

Adams Morgan