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Playing a mix of ska beats and power-pop hooks, Richmond’s Good Guys were both behind and ahead of the times in the early ’80s. After evolving toward a more funk-oriented hard-rock style near decade’s end, they still couldn’t buy a break in the era of Living Colour and the Black Rock Coalition. Thanks for Dancin’! is one-stop shopping for almost everything that was good about the Good Guys, from the early surf-rock instrumental (and Piggly Wiggly celebration) “Twist Tie” and the indelible 7-inch “Bodyguard” to later full-force, horn-laden excursions like “Time of Day.” Including one performance at D.C.’s Roxy, the disc makes a case for this ever-expanding lineup’s importance as an irresistibly danceable part of history, as well as a provider of the soundtrack for a decade or so’s worth of college kids’ nights out. More song-oriented than many of the acts that followed in their wake—it didn’t hurt that there were at least three writers in the outfit at any given time—and able to mash singer-guitarist Harry Gore’s Christian concerns together with the worldlier ones of brother Jimi, the Good Guys were uniquely potent. Whether echoed in the hit singles of bands that never heard them or on Thanks for Dancin’!, their sound will stand.—Rickey Wright