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I was really disappointed that Ken Cummins neglected to address the firings by interim police chief Sonya Proctor (“Step Down,” 2/20). What D.C. residents need to know is, were these firings carefully chosen to help wrest control of the department from the clutches of Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry? Has Proctor fired three incompetent managers who achieved their rank based on whom they know, in a department notorious for cronyism? Or were they unlucky targets of someone who does not really know what to do but wants to do something to shake things up? The Washington Compost, as usual, is offering virtually no insight into the question, and D.C. citizens need to know now whether Proctor should be applauded or criticized for what she has done. If she represents a ray of hope for reform of the police department, people like Carl Rowan Jr. and the other members of the citizens’ committee need to know before they end up selecting another Barry protégé to head the department.

Alexandria, Va.

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