I very much enjoyed your article on Raul Diaz Arce (Cheap Seats, 2/20). However, it bothers me that Salvadorans have considered boycotting D.C. United games because Diaz Arce was traded. Among all of the MLS clubs, D.C. United has taken the most steps to cater its product to Hispanic fans. Not only does D.C. United direct advertisements to the Hispanic media, it also provides Spanish-speaking customer service representatives to facilitate communication between the club and the Hispanic community. And yes, Diaz Arce’s goal-poaching abilities will be missed. But we still have Marco “El Diablo” Etcheverry, hands-down the best player in MLS last season, and Jaime “El Rubio” Moreno, probably the most dangerous forward in the league. Add to those two Eddie Pope, the present and future of the U.S. national team defense, and Jeff Agoos and John Harkes, two established national team players, and you will see the finest collection of players in the league. If the Salvadorans wish to stay away, well then, that will be their loss. The atmosphere surrounding D.C. United games, as well as the performance by players, is, hands down, unmatched by any other local professional team. And that’s not even factoring in the lowest ticket price (by far) in the area.

That’s just my two cents. Keep up the good work.

P.S. One minor correction: Diaz Arce was acquired in the supplemental draft, not as an allocated player, like Etcheverry and Moreno. In fact, each of the nine original teams passed over Diaz Arce to pick someone else.

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