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I would like to thank you for running Julie Wakefield’s article about the middle-class snobs in my neighborhood who helped shut down a pool hall at 10th and W Streets NW (“Behind the 8-Ball,” 1/30). (This is the place where drinking, drug use, loitering, and fights broke out within a week of opening.) Thanks especially for crediting such awesome powers to the accursed “neighborhood busybodies” (your reporter’s term) who live around here. If you guys keep this up, your readers in the ‘burbs might get the idea that this area is becoming an OK place to live and that hard-working people like our peerless ANC commissioner Leslie Miles are doing a great job of creating a safe, affordable place for them to move into. A consequence I’m sure you don’t intend, but I’ve decided to quit complaining about your unfathomable schizophrenia regarding people who are trying to dig this city out of the cesspool. As they say, just spell the names right.

One quibble. In complaining about no “middle-class amenities” between Shaw and Dupont Circle, I guess your reporter overlooked the newly renovated Studio Theatre at 14th and P, a half-dozen or so restaurants around the same area, and the thriving restaurant-entertainment district along 17th Street between P and S.

Oh well.

Logan Circle