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Somewhere between ragas and Reich, Trans Am and Can, exists To Rococo Rot. A trio of Germans with art-school backgrounds, TRR constructs hypnotically looping soundtracks; the three began TRR to write the musical accompaniment for one band member’s gallery shows. But where other bands often induce hypnosis with flooding sonics, TRR induces a sense of the otherworldly through tick-tock rhythms and repetitive beats. The band delivers on the broken promise of post-rock by expertly combining live performance with electronics in a tangle-free twisting of heart and cables; TRR operates its samplers in real time, copying and regenerating its often improvised music so that each time a new theme is introduced it gets blended smoothly into the mix. Originally released last year in Europe, Veiculo is TRR’s second record and its first domestic release. “Micromanaged,” is like a bleepadelic version of Seefeel, its warm and woozy base interrupted by cold technological pokes. “Geheimnis Eines Mantels” powers down the Autobahn on Motorik Casio pulses. “Extra” sounds like a tougher version of Stereolab’s loungier tracks, while “Lips” gently presses the flesh with Ovalesque percussion busses. Paris 25 is an EP of new material that rides alongside Veiculo’s slowly evolving flow-motion. Both help ooze the night away.

—Christopher Porter