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I wasn’t going to send this at first because I was sure you would be bombarded with letters about “Almost Heaven” (3/6).

I used to work at Leisure World—it was Geezer World to us—at the swimming pools. Sometimes I even taught water aerobics so the residents could kick everyone’s asses. But my main reference here is my thousands of trips back and forth from Olney to Wheaton on the Y8 Metrobus, which pulls into Leisure World almost every time it goes by. I also use the Leisure World strip mall very often for eating, shopping, and the post office.

During all my experiences with Leisure World, I have never witnessed anything close to the article’s claims. In fact, the entire article is made up of assumption, stereotype, laziness, and poor fiction.

Personally, I could care less if Leisure World is good, bad, overcrowded, falling apart, fun, etc. My main point here is that the article is a complete waste of space and the author is totally incompetent. I would still like to know what the main point of the article even is! I bet if you tried real hard you could write the same story, in the same tone, about D.C., or maybe even America. (The Earth?)

All I’m trying to say is, tell me something! Answer the proverbial “Why?”! I mean, come on, you’re gonna lose your overwhelmingly elderly readers and advertisers. Then where will you be?

By the way, such things as statistical differences between accidents occurring in the Leisure World area and the population at large are easily accessible—like, if you’re a reporter or something.

(For no particular reason, I’ll

mention that no one I know lives in Leisure World.)

Rockville, Md.