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After reading “Cold-Blooded Killer” (3/20), I wonder what the point of the article was. I’m ready to move to Prince William County. The title of your article suggests that Paul Ebert is the cold-blooded killer when in all actuality it’s the perpetrators of the heinous crimes you describe: the killer of the teenage girl who left an ice pick in her body for her father to find, the man who savagely stabbed a woman to death repeatedly with a screwdriver and netted $4, the man who tortured and killed a 15-year-old boy.

I can’t summon sympathy for these freaks of nature. Who can? In my opinion, they lost all entitlement to any kind of right (yes, even the right to live) once they took another’s life. Eddie, how can you even equate Paul Ebert with these “cold-blooded killers,” who certainly deserve to be put to death? Ebert is doing his job well: He is a successful prosecutor working to protect society from vile murderers who would probably kill again in a heartbeat if allowed to walk free again, as they do in so many other states. Perhaps others contemplating such acts will restrain themselves because of Ebert’s diligence. If not, at least they won’t be back on the streets to kill again.

I read City Paper not because I believe the articles are grounded in truth or objectivity, but for the same reason I might tune into the Jerry Springer Show: pure entertainment value. Your stories are yellow journalism at its worst: Truth is distorted so the writers can arrive at predetermined conclusions using the facts that suit their purposes. Your journalists process all facts through the rosy tint of their young, hip, big city-loving, idealistic glasses.

Ironically—though you may not realize it—your articles alienate anyone who is “other”: the elderly, for one, as evidenced by the Leisure World article of a few weeks ago. Are the elderly to be hated and shunned simply because they are weak and not long for this world, or is it simply because they were easy non-PC targets for your article? Every one of the many references to the smell of death and doddering old fools paints these people into stereotypes that I bet you would not dare to paint of more marginalized groups.

Rockville, Md.

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