I read your article in the paper re Leisure World, “Almost Heaven” (3/6). I’ve got news for you—I moved here in 1990 and told my daughter I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Leisure World is heaven.

You’d better get back out here and let me show you Leisure World.

I hated you talking about my Inter-Faith Chapel. Come see us in action at 11 a.m. service. We invite everyone out after church with our “Lunch Bunch.” We have three wonderful ministers. We never use the Lord’s name in vain, like you did on Page 28. Quote: “To call the place a community is a wild understatement. Leisure World is a GD wrinkled metropolis…” How dare you! Let’s hope you get old and wrinkled someday.

You used the F word when talking about getting through our gate. Aw! C’mon!

Since moving here at 67 years of age I have tap-danced, line danced, joined the Fun & Fancy Theatre group, and been in one play, In a Fog. We have a great group in our Going It Alone club; it meets on Saturday—some play bridge, some dance and play bingo and go on trips together.

You didn’t mention our nice Cascade Room for lunch or dinner. Guess you didn’t get into the Stein Room, either. Great place for soup, sandwich, Happy Hour any time, or sing-along (on Friday nights).

Our Bel Pre McDonald’s has a Thursday morning bingo.

Hey! We also have a ballroom dance group.

Come on out here and see us line dance, but watch your language. We don’t use the GD or F word out here. We are refined people.

Leisure World, Md.