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With her big blue eyes, flawless skin, and lips so pouty she’s either going to cry or talk you out of a pre-nup, Australian soap-star-cum-pop-princess Natalie Imbruglia possesses the sheer seductive power necessary to get noticed on today’s glamourcentric Billboard charts. Too bad she can’t trade in some of those fine looks for a little more musical ability. Some advice: As soon as teenage girls tire of single-of-the-moment “Torn” and teenage boys find another waifish songstress to lust after, Imbruglia, whose angry-little-girl vocals pale next to those of fellow pissed chicks Meredith Brooks and Alanis Morrisette, might want to head to Hollywood and start searching for film deals. Despite writing and producing help from former Cure bassist Phil Thornalley, Imbruglia’s debut album, Left of the Middle, is relatively void of a legitimate follow-up to the singer’s best-selling breakup tune. Imbruglia fares best when the songs are kept light and flirtatious: “Intuition” and “Wishing I Was There,” with their upbeat guitar parts and girl-power choruses, would make fine Jagged Little Pill B-sides, while the title track—just the singer, an acoustic guitar, and some soft keyboard—proves that the woman has additional talent besides keeping Aussie housewives tuned in during the weekdays. Ultimately, too much of Left of the Middle is lazy, overproduced slop, with Imbruglia shouting about so many naughty boys through awkward doses of distortion, hiphop beats, and various electronic hoo-ha. Sadly, this lack of confidence in the lead vocalist usually leaves Imbruglia sounding like just another pretty face.—Sean Daly