There is a black merchant in my neighborhood who foolishly includes your paper in Sunday’s Washington Post. I refuse to read your yuppie neoracist paper because of your condescending paternalistic attitude toward blacks in DC. The merchant encouraged me to read your “Lost Riot” (4/3) article. I thought your paper had finally written a non-anti-black article. But your statement that before 1968 a “stable elite” ruled Washington, causing Eden-like conditions, is insulting to the core. Black deprivation, segregation, and victimization are horrendous now and were even more so before 1968. To think that a white racist elite looked after blacks’ interest is to believe that you do the same. If you dare, look at the black income, child mortality rates, health statistics, education levels, longevity, housing conditions, or any other indicator of our well-being. Our condition now, as then, is HELL…and you contribute to it.

Fort Totten

via the Internet