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I am not surprised that some of Councilmember David Catania’s colleagues refer to him derisively as the “anecdotal man” (Loose Lips, 3/27). Nothing ticks off our lazy and inept politicians and bureaucrats like an intelligent, tough-minded, hard-working guy who understands what it means to “do the public’s business.” Years ago, if we had elected more people with Catania’s work ethic and moxie, we probably wouldn’t have a control board today.

I have watched the D.C. Council’s police investigative hearings with great interest, and I have been stunned to see the newly elected Catania and Sharon Ambrose rising to the occasion with tough, insightful, probing questions while the high-priced special counsel lobs cream puff after softball to MPD officials. We will never rid the District government of incompetence and corruption until the wrongdoers are publicly exposed in a manner that causes them to be fired or to resign in embarrassment. Every witness before the council should be sworn, and all testimony should be spot-checked, just as Catania did at D.C. General Hospital. Let just one of these officials get charged with perjury and watch how fast the bureaucratic culture will change.

David Catania is doing exactly what the taxpayers want done. He is exposing misconduct, waste, fraud, and abuse, and holding people accountable for their actions. He is the breath of fresh air that many citizens have been praying for. I hope that he wears his new nickname like a badge of honor. Councilmember Catania, stay the course!

Upper Northwest