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Out of the unlikely inferno of musical activity in Louisville, Ky., have sprung some of the most intriguing sounds of the early ’90s. Bastro, Rodan, and Slint have since influenced the entire genre of “introverted” rock. Since the demise of their much acclaimed and missed combo Slint, the progenitors of the original whispery-vocals-over-quiet-mathy-rock have been busy with their own projects. Guitarist Dave Pajo (who collaborated with many Louisville bands, including For Carnation, Palace, and Tortoise) has released an album under the name Aerial M, ostensibly the same band that produced an earlier 7-inch under the name M. Marked by subtle mood shifts and gentle dynamics, the songs reverberate with melody, propelled only by the currents of guitar, bass, and drums. From the cheery early morning quality of the opening track, “Dazed and Awake,” to the ominous chord progressions of “Skrag Theme,” Pajo weaves moods with seamless ease. Even with breaks between the songs, it’s entirely possible to perceive the whole album as a single track, breathing and sighing, contemplatively pausing. Last year, Aerial M’s live lineup included Pajo (well, he played all the instruments on the album, but that would be harder onstage) with assorted Louisvillians in tow. But whatever form Aerial M takes this time around, it’s sure to intrigue shoegazers and Slint fans alike. With San Fransico rockers Zen Guerilla and Philly’s Gel Caps at 8:30 p.m. at the Black Cat, 1831 14th St. NW. $6. (202) 667-7960. (Amy Domingues)