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I just want to let you know that Lost Riot by Michael Schaffer (4/3) was beautifully written, carefully researched, and fascinating. As a history major, I really appreciated learning about this bloody, and obviously forgotten, chapter of Washington’s past. The detailed descriptions and dialogue gave me a vivid picture of D.C. life during that hot, humid, turbulent summer of 1919. Thank you for giving me something else to think about as we, once again, start to recall the riots that wrecked our city streets exactly 30 years ago in April 1968.

Also, I would like to commend Eddie Dean for his hilarious review of The Portable Henry Rollins (“Regarding Henry,” 4/3). While reading it alone in my apartment last night, I howled with laughter like some demented lunatic. The neighbors must have thought I was a friggin’ idiot! Now, I not only feel compelled to go out and buy the book as soon as possible, but I’m also going to keep Mr. Dean’s review handy. I want to be able to refer back to it whenever I need a good laugh.

Adams Morgan